Why Experience Matters When Hiring a Video Production Company

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Why Experience Matters When Hiring a Video Production Company

In this day and age of marketing videos, content seems ubiquitous. It penetrates every aspect of your virtual experience from interrupting your Hulu and Youtube videos to popping up in your instagram and facebook feeds. You are likely to find yourself skipping over some, and pausing on others. Some you find endearing, some strange, and some just plain annoying. While it seems impossible to put a premium on creativity, this is what the marketing world does. The content that pops is the content that is well designed, concise, and bold. It has something human about it, something that gives its audience pause and lets them connect with the brand.

At MarketME, this is what we are about: developing stories that give their audience pause.

Sometimes, creativity seems ubiquitous: Company A is creative, they’re young, and they know how to make a video, so why shouldn’t I hire them to create my company’s brand identity video? Picking a video production company to hire for your company’s marketing content seems simple, right? Find a young kid out of film school who knows how to operate a camera and tell them what to do. Cheap and easy. 

Here’s what you miss out on by taking that route:

  • A company that understands how companies operate: Inexperience shows in a corporate environment. It is important to work with companies who fit the look and lingo of your company. If you have a large data based company, you would not want to hire a hipster yuppy who doesn’t know how to talk with your customers and employees. The ability to navigate a professional setting is a skill that should not be overlooked just because a certain project is “creative.” Unprofessional behavior is unprofessional behavior.
  • Marketing expertise: Hiring a video production company that knows the ins and outs of marketing can be a big asset to your already hired marketing team. When you bring in outside expertise, you are hiring collaborators who can push your team to do better, to grow.
  • Experienced problem solving: Inexperience means that it is harder to see what problems may be down the road. With the experience of our team, we can look ahead and predict potential problems, allowing us to be proactive in our project management. For you, this means less time and less money spent figuring out issues that should have been solved before they occurred.
  • Time and energy you could have put back into your company and your clients: Choosing a company that can work autonomously, without constant direction and supervision, means that you can allocate your workforce and time back into what matters the most: your clients and growing your business. With a video production company like ours which can handle all aspects of production from scripting and concept to editing and animation, you save your company time. Imagine an inexperienced worker who needs constant supervision, creates mistakes, is unable to collaborate or offer advise, and who can’t fit into your company culture of professionalism. If you wouldn’t hire them as a full time employee, do not make the exception for your brand video.

We want to work with you and your company to figure out what stories and what content will do that for your target audience. When picking a video production company, it is important to understand that there are many, many types of production companies. Some specialize in short films, others in music videos. There are even videographers who only do weddings. You wouldn’t want just any production company creating video content for your fortune 500 company.

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