SliceX: Another One For The Books

We’re beyond happy for our latest kickstarter client SliceX, an innovative kitchen cutting board designed by Dan Beltramo, which is already $2.5K over it’s $14,000 startup goal! We always love working with clients on the “cutting edge” of their fields, and we love being a part of a success story even more. Beltramo felt [...]

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Creating Video is Great for Team Building

Any savvy company knows that creating strong team chemistry is conducive to a healthy work environment. Team building fosters efficiency and productivity, increases communication and empathy among employees, and boosts office morale and motivation. Typical outings for dinner or joining a sports league foster friendliness and competition. But these can become stale experiences for employees, [...]

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Is Animation Right for your Project?

Animation is great for conveying both simple and complex ideas across multiple video types. A terrific addition to any project, animated elements help to emphasize your key marketing points with ease. Using clean graphic images, smooth tracking movement, and eye-catching colors, animation readily draws an audience in and holds their gaze. You may be asking [...]

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Eclipse Website Launch!

We get really excited when we get the chance to work with a company like Eclipse on their website launch. We were given a tight deadline, but with collaborative efforts from our combined teams we got the job done. Eclipse is an up and coming venture firm that uses a hands-on investor approach to really [...]

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Looking For Ways to Promote Your Art?

Just finishing up post production of MACLA’s Community-Supported Art (CSA) Program videos. Located in San Jose, MACLA brings together a wide array of artists who derive inspiration from their Hispanic, Latino/ Latina, Chicano/Chicana roots. It was wonderful to get to sit down and speak with Ashley Lopez-Gonzales, Pilar Aguero-Esparza, Armando Castellano, and Paul Flores about [...]

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The Aquos Crystal, from Sharp

Held annually for over forty years, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is where tech companies come to launch their latest innovations. This year’s show took place at the beginning of the month in Las Vegas, and the biggest brands in the business were there to display their products. Among these companies was Sharp Electronics [...]

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Online Videos for GILD, San Francisco

Guild is a San Francisco based recruiting company that helps other companies hire skilled developers. It monitors the internet for analysing data and searching for potential candidates and calculates thousands of bits of information around 300 larger variables about an individual. We are happy to have an opportunity to tell the amazing story about Guild [...]

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