Creating Video is Great for Team Building

Any savvy company knows that creating strong team chemistry is conducive to a healthy work environment. Team building fosters efficiency and productivity, increases communication and empathy among employees, and boosts office morale and motivation. Typical outings for dinner or joining a sports league foster friendliness and competition. But these can become stale experiences for employees, [...]

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Is Animation Right for your Project?

Animation is great for conveying both simple and complex ideas across multiple video types. A terrific addition to any project, animated elements help to emphasize your key marketing points with ease. Using clean graphic images, smooth tracking movement, and eye-catching colors, animation readily draws an audience in and holds their gaze. You may be asking [...]

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How Important is Product Photography?

Quality product photography can be the deciding factor when it comes to a customer’s decision on whether or not to make an online purchase. This is because people remember only 20 percent of what the read, but 80 percent of what they see. So at the end of the day, the better the products look, [...]

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Social Media and Online Video a Perfect Match

Online video audiences are expected to double in 2016, reaching 1.5 million globally. A majority of these videos will be discovered on social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Vine. With this upward trend due to the plethora of benefits, it is a no brainer that marrying video with social media is a perfect match. [...]

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How to Choose a Video Production Company?

Creating a video for your business might seem quite a complex task, especially if you haven’t had much experience with video production before. Certainly it involves ability to combine many different or even sophisticated aspects about which an average person might not know but hey! What are Video Production Companies for? Regardless of how advanced [...]

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Four Effective Video Styles for Video Marketing

Curious as to what kind of video production style you should be using for your video marketing campaign? There are a number of styles you can use, many of which are fairly inexpensive! Learn the pros and cons of some marketing video styles to help you make your decision. 1. Live-Action (shooting video with a [...]

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