Best Locations for Panoramic Pictures of Las Vegas

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Best Locations for Panoramic Pictures of Las Vegas

Few days ago we had a chance to visit my Nonito Donaire in Las Vegas, NV and we had a great opportunity to get some nice footage. Before we went to do the shooting we’ve tried to google for best locations where you can catch nice panoramic pictures of Sin City:) In fact it’s not easy to find a perfect spot which is in perfect distance from the city centre. We (me, my wife and friend) spent a few hours driving around looking for the best place to grab some time lapses and stills. WE thought it’s certainly worth sharing my experiences with you so that if you ever go for shooting to LV you’ll not waste your time for scouting!

1. Parking Garage at 438 E Harmon Ave

This is the best place if you want to shoot LV Panorama! You’re not too close and not too far from LV Strip. Grab some 16mm or similar lens and you’ll get a perfect shot of all fabulous hotels and buildings. But wait, there’s more… Want to shoot plane landings? No problemo, because it’s so close to the airport:) And the last thing – you’ll grab a perfect sunset there. Sun is hiding right behind the buildings giving you a perfect backlight and making the sky and clouds looking great.

2. Parking Garage at Red Rock Hotel & Casino

It’s quite far from the city center, so be prepared to take some longer lens, but in return you’ll catch the whole Las Vegas Panorama. This place is perfect for sunrise as the sun is rising up over it. Sunset is also cool, sun is behind your back lighting the city and whole valley and when the air is clear you won’t forget this view.

3. Parking Garage at 3748 Manhattan St

This place is similar to the 1st one, but it is more to the north and you can get some additional views of the hotels on the strip. The only thing is that this parking is a private property, so you have to be quick :)) After few minutes you’ll have a meting with a Security Officer who will kindly ask you to leave the place:)

4. Walkways

Every walkway on the LV Strip has a very high glass walls which won’t allow you to catch clear image without reflections. There are two ways to eliminate this:) One is to stay as close as possible to window and cover your camera and lens with black fabric that will cut off additional light that cause reflection. The second is even easier:) There are gaps in the walls between escalators and the beginning of the glass walls. The only thing you need to have in mind are crowds of tourists which won’t care about your perfect shot:)

And the obvious places:

5. Observation deck at the Stratosphere

The iconic Stratosphere Tower is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States and one of the most exciting attractions among Las Vegas resorts. This gives us magnificent view of whole LV and valley, you have to see it. Every time of day and night is perfect for shooting!

6. Observation deck at the Eiffel Tower at Paris

The tower was originally supposed to be a full-scale replica, but because of the proximity of the airport, the design was shrunk. However, visitors can still get a great panoramic view of the city when they ride up nearly 50 stories and 460 feet to the top of the tower. This is the best place to shoot Bellagio Hotel and LV Strip.

7. VooDoo Lounge in the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Voodoo gives you a full panoramic view of the most beautiful Las Vegas Strip. Try it and you won’t be disappointed!

8. Your hotel room

Have your eyes wide opened! It may be one of the best spot is window of your hotel room. Perfect, calm place, without any tourist:) Lot of time to try some time lapses and you don’t have to look after you equipment!

9. Vegas Helicopter Tour

Ready to spend some money? Take one of those tours and you’ll end up with great aerials pictures:)

10. Don’t forget to visit Hoover Dam:)

Enjoy & Have Fun!

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