Is Animation Right for your Project?

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Is Animation Right for your Project?

Animation is great for conveying both simple and complex ideas across multiple video types. A terrific addition to any project, animated elements help to emphasize your key marketing points with ease. Using clean graphic images, smooth tracking movement, and eye-catching colors, animation readily draws an audience in and holds their gaze. You may be asking if animation is right for your brand, so here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Whether your video is 2D or 3D, animation works best when you have clear points you want to emphasize in your project. Animation can help show the movement of a thumb or hand across a device, demonstrate the ease of an action or tool, or simply emphasize a pre-existing movement or marketing point.

  • If your product or business model requires a complex explanation, 2D animation is a great way to visually break it down into easily identifiable symbols and images for your potential customers. Videos regarding business models, how-tos and directionals, and any video demonstrating a process are great contenders for animation.

  • The video has too large of a scope for live action and it wouldn’t make financial sense. Let’s say you have a really big idea for your marketing video, but don’t have the budget to fly to seven countries to complete it, animation offers greater latitude in exploring these large concept ideas. For marketing videos that want a global or fantastical, yet instantly relatable feel, animation is a great contender.

  • Anyone who hates planning– some companies want video content to market themselves or their products, but they just don’t have the manpower to dedicate a large amount of time to coordinating locations, actor releases, a crew, and an editor. Animation is fantastic for companies like this since most of the concept work is done in preproduction, and the animator and editor can work side by side until the project is finished. It eliminates the middleman of the crew and the shoot days– allowing your company to focus on business as per usual.

  • Needless to say, animation has a certain flare that catches the eye. It works just about anywhere, for any reason…well maybe not any. Animation is a great addition to live action video, emphasizing movement and concepts that you want the audience to pick out easily. Because it is such a creative medium, it has endless possibilities, which is why we love working with animation in our projects!

At the end of the day, there are so many factors to consider in what will work best for your brand identity and your product, but we are always here to help and provide insight from our award winning marketing team!

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