Super Bowl Commercials

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Super Bowl Commercials

As a video marketing company, commercials are very important to us. And we believe that with an audience of 114.4 million people, it is essential that companies appeal to the diversity of the viewers.


Doritos Middle Seat

The Doritos “Middle Seat” commercial is relatable to the average consumer, probably because it was created by an average consumer. Haven’t we all done our best to dissuade strangers from sitting in the middle seat next to us on an airplane? For the past eight years, Doritos has held a contest where fans are invited to produce commercials in hopes of winning a job with Universal Pictures and one million dollars (not a bad deal if you ask me).

BMW i3 Newfangled Idea

In 1994, no one could have imagined how big the Internet would become. Two of the top journalists in their field, Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel, are shown in an old recording of the Today Show confused about what the Internet is. Fast forward to 2015, they are riding in BMW’s all electric car, still confused. Message… the i3 is the next big thing.



The fact that in the first few seconds of the commercial, a title reads “Kim Kardashian West, Famous Person” is a huge turn off. It is yet another huge reminder that the Kardashians are famous for absolutely nothing. It’s great that unused data can be rolled over, but it can be used on things much greater than checking Kim’s Instagram.

Nationwide Make Safe Happen

Who’s idea was it to air such a horrific commercial? Nationwide’s Make Safe Happen did nothing other than kill the mood by reminding already concerned parents about all the different ways their children can get into accidents. Yes this ad may be effective to a certain extent, but it definitely was not fit for the fun atmosphere of the Super Bowl.

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