Eclipse Website Launch!

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Eclipse Website Launch!

We get really excited when we get the chance to work with a company like Eclipse on their website launch. We were given a tight deadline, but with collaborative efforts from our combined teams we got the job done. Eclipse is an up and coming venture firm that uses a hands-on investor approach to really drive tech founders to success. We love working with clients like them who are determined and know what they want in a project. Angela Hayward was instrumental in propelling the creative project forward and helping us reach the goal of visually communicating Eclipse’s investment thesis.

Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

“MarketMe created an animated video for our annual meeting – we had both a tight deadline and budget! The team collaborated with us to produce a really great piece of work that truly complimented our event. The team was professional and imaginative. It was a wonderful way to tell the story of our investment thesis and we received many compliments from the audience!” Angela Hayward, Head of Investor and Portfolio Relations

So ecstatic to see the launch of this company tomorrow and see all the amazing pushes in technology that this team is able to bring about!

Check out the launch here:

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